Power Ant Mini




Power Ant Mini

What kind of training can it be used for? Climbing, bouldering
The Power Ant Mini was introduced in the summer of 2013, it is the first hybrid board, combining pegboard and fingerboard. Since then the board has become quite popular. Especially beginner climbers can build up muscles quite nicely with this board. It offers a large support surface on the outer edges in an ergonomic shape. The pockets of the front side have dephts of 20 to 30 mm. Like the pegboard, the Ant Bar Mini has spherical handles and an attachable stainless-steel pull-up bar. The board is produced here in Kirchberg, out of high strength 40 mm strong beech wood multiplex boards. The perfect cut is done by the colleague CNC. The finish is done by hand.

Dimension: 600mm x 450mm

There are three expansions for the Power Ant mini:

  • Knockers 80
  • Knockers 100
  • Ant Enna - stainless-steel pull-up bar

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Additional information

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 8 cm