Strong Ant 2


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Strong Ant 2

What kind of training can it be used for? Any, especially beginnger climbers, CrossFit and martial arts.

Are you just starting out with climbing training? Then the Strong Ant 2 is just the right board for you. It has very large finger rests, which prevent injuries of ligaments. Moreover it has cross grips, with four slots each. After the muscles and the ligaments have been stimulated long enough, holding training can also be started, with 25 mm deep pockets.

With this board it's no problem to go up to difficulty level 7. There are spherical handles and a stainless steel pull-up bar expansions available. This board is also made out of light ash wood and it's surface is also untreated (no oil, wax, varnish etc.) It comes with two ash wood sticks, screws, pegs and assembly instructions.

Dimension: 800mm x 145mm x 56mm

There are 3 expansions for Strong Ant 2:

  • Knockers 80
  • Knockers 100
  • Ant Enna - stainless-steel pull-up bar

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