Firstly a cherished euphemism needs to be done away with at this point. Sometimes texts and posts contain the word “we”, but in actuality the company is comprised of one person, me, Christian. Since almost 20 years now, climbing is my one great passion. The first designs of training tool concepts, are almost equally as old, the boards at the beginning, were still rough looking pillars.
I am developing ideas for new products either myself or use suggestions of friends or Antwork plant climbers to develop them further. This way some innovative products came into being over the last years, that are unique in form, function and workmanship.
Meanwhile, I am a qualified product designer, with numerous awards (e.g. Red Dot Award, Dyson Design Award) and I am trying, since the founding of Antworks in October 2012, to develop training boards with a high artistic value and maximum performance. Incidentally I am also the only employee in manufacturing. This means that every Antwork product you are holding in your hands, was produced and finished by me. Speaking of finish. Besides using mostly natural wood-based materials, the perfect finish of the boards is a major concern of mine. Wood is a wonderful material, with skin friendly properties, especially if surfaces, edges and radii are finely smoothed.