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Price adjustments from April 15th – unfortunately necessary

Hello everyone! Unfortunately, we have to adapt to the current economic dynamics and partially increase the prices on April 15th. Don’t be angry, we don’t enrich ourselves with your higher costs, we simply pass on the money in the form of higher raw material costs.
Let’s hope that the zenith of this development is not in the too distant future!

Antido & Antido Double

Truly, it is not the best time for celebration, facing the european and global upheavals.
Nevertheless, we want to present our new Antido and Antido Double.
klettern climbing news
klettern climbing news

Mantle Crashpads now available

​Don’t worry, Antworks is not going to become a trading company. Antworks is still about developing and producing functional training equipment. Any kind of training with falling risk, requires soft landing options. That’s why you can now buy Mantle crash pads in the shop. Why Mantle? The pads are robust and have great attenuation properties, due to various hard layers. Mantle is an associated business, that has also successfully undergone its start up phase.

Antworks Parallettes

A short movie about perhaps the most versatile Parallettes on earth. As always it is a collecion of different exercises for beginner and power user as well.

Handmanufactured Trainingboards

A little insight into our world of climbing, board shaping, training etc.!

Climbing Burger

A little fun to show what exercise can be done with the training Climbing Burger!

Strong Ant 3 – our versatile training board

A little collection of training proposals