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Base A

Hey, there is another new thing which could improve your training. Base A – brackets to install your Parallettes easily on a wall or even celling as well. Just take a quick look at the instagram channel, there is a little video how the Base A works. Take a look.

Customized Pegboards

Until now it wasn´t announced that there is the possibility to produce pegboards by customers dimension and pattern. Currently there is no more a dimensional limit only if the board needs engraving. The passage of the CNC milling machine is only 125cm. If you are interested, just write an mail to info@antworks.at

klettern climbing news
klettern climbing news

Laurence Guyons impression of the Climbing Burger

Last year in autumn I send a Climbing Burger to Corsica, more exactly to Laurence Guyon with the please she may test the Climbing Burger as hard as possible. And she did. Here is the article in English.

Handmanufactured Trainingboards

A little insight into our world of climbing, board shaping, training etc.!

Climbing Burger

A little fun to show what exercise can be done with the training Climbing Burger!

Strong Ant 3 – our versatile training board

A little collection of training proposals